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Venomous Snake Handling

See below for pictures and descriptions  of snakes being handled by a professional snake handle.  I will tell you about the snakes species being handled in this post as well as the tools being used.  Please note that this is in not intended to encourage you to handle venomous snakes.  THE SNAKE HANDLER IN THIS POST IS A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRY THIS AT HOME OR IN THE FIELD.

Puff Adder

This Viper/Adder is one of the most common snakes in Southern Africa. Adults range in size between 90cm-1.4m.  They are an aggressive snake to say the least. They make a puffing sound when disturbed. They have a potent cytotoxic venom, which will kill if  bites are not treated Keep in mind that these snakes can strike faster than a top of the range sports car can pull of from a stop sign. The handler is using two snake hooks to support the snake as they are very bulky.

Cape  Cobra

This cobra is the most venomous cobras in Africa. It has a highly neurotoxic venom.  Bite victims often have to be put on artificial respiration, as the venom paralyzes your lungs. Anti venom will be needed to survive a bite from this cobraThe handler in this picture is using a snake hook to control the snake. Snake tongs are often used to handle cobras. Hooks and tongs are also used in tandem when handling cobras, especially large ones.