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Do you want to keep a Venomous Snake ?

The short answer I give to anyone who wants to keep a venomous snake is DO NOT KEEP ONE !!!. There are so many species of harmless snakes and a growing number of colour mutations on the market to choose from, why put yourself and others in danger?. There are some keepers who are experienced enough to deal with a venomous snake without getting bitten, but accidents do happen. Even mildly cytotoxic species can cause tissue, nerve damage and even the loss of a finger. Anti venom for exotic snakes is not available in your local hospital. Death can occur with bites from Rattlesnakes, some Pit Viper species, certain Adder Species and Cobras ( this covers most of the venomous snakes kept in captivity, but is not a comprehensive guide). I have not added any photos of bites as these can be quite gruesome. If you want to keep a venomous snake that is your decision. Just remember that there are serious medical risks should you get bitten.