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Indonesian Reptile and Amphibian Import

Indonesian Reptile and Amphibian Imports

Unique reptiles sold in large numbers only at certain times and not available on a regular basis could be wild caught or ranched as is the case with Savannah Monitors which are not seen on a regular basis. Savannah Monitors do not breed in captivity so they are all wild caught. Indonesian reptiles are similar.

Sailfine Dragons
Sailfin Dragons are a large semi aquatic lizard found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In both these countries exports of wild caught Sailfin Dragons is legal. There are very few private breeders in the world mostly in the USA and in Europe. Unfortunately, captive breeding remains the exception rather than the rule. Wild-caught individuals will be afflicted with various parasites and should be seen by an experienced veterinarian shortly after acquisition. Sailfin Dragons are prone to snout and jaw injuries that result from rubbing against glass and screening. Wounds may become infected, and should be treated immediately.

.Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks
This unique species is bred overseas and it is possible to import captive bred individuals. However it is cheaper to import them from the wild.

White Eyed Crocodile Skinks
The White Eyed Crocodile Skink is a species from Indonesia that is bred in captivity, however importing wild caught ones is cheaper and easier

Frilled Dragons
If claimed to be the Australian species these are illegally imported. Indonesian Frilled Dragons can be breed in captivity however this is rare and most are imported from the wild.

Australian White’s Tree Frogs
If these really are Australian in orgin then there is no doubt that these were imported illegally. White’s Tree Frogs are also found in Papua New Guinea and could have been imported from there. Amphibians are more difficult to keep than reptiles and unless you start with a 100% healthy captive bred frog that was imported under the right conditions you will run into major problems. Adult White’s Tree Frogs will be wild caught. Younger frogs that are only a few centimeters long could be captive bred.