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Chameleon Care

Keep your chameleon in a screen cage

Height is more important than width. Cage should be around 1m in height. Keep all Chameleons in separate cages they do not need friends.

Put several live or fake plants in the cage
Ficus is a good live plant to put in your chameleon’s cage
Spray the cage and plants two to three times a day.

Use a ceramic heat emitter or heat lamp to keep the cage warm in winter. In summer extra heat is not needed.

Only use the ceramic heat emitter or lamp if the chameleon is kept inside at night.
Make sure your chameleon cannot get in direct contact with your heaters to avoid burns

Temperature range is 25 to 30 degrees.
Humidity range is 50% to 60%

Provide UVB lamps if kept inside

If possible keep your chameleon outside in it’s cage for as long as possible during the day. Only put the chameleon outside in a screen enclosure as putting it in a glass cage will overheat it.
If you put the chameleon outside UVB lamps are not needed.

Feed 6 to 10 crickets per day. Size of crickets depends on the age and size of the chameleon. Feed babies pin head crickets and juveniles and adults medium crickets.
Provide a calcium supplement.
Use the calcium supplement every day
Put the calcium supplement on the crickets before you feed them to your chameleon