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Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet

Leopard Tortoises are native to Southern Africa and East Africa. Leopard Tortoises are a large species of tortoise, adults can reach a weight of up to twenty kilograms and atain a shell length of fifty centimeters. Leopard Tortoises can reach slightly larger sizes depending on their location. Keep hatchling and juvenile Leopard Tortoises inside in a cage measuring 1.2 meters in length and 60 centimeters in width. Provide heat using a ceramic heat emitter or basking lamp. Heat the cage to a temperature of between 25-35 degrees Celsius, with the higher temperature being under the basking spot. Provide UVB lighting with a 10.0 rating. Keep adult Leopard Tortoises outside if the climate permits. Keep your Leopard Tortoise in a large pen, the sides should be high enough so that the tortoise cannot climb ( you may think that this is a silly statement but believe me tortoises can climb). Make sure that the tortoises cannot dig out of the pen. Provide a shelter where the tortoise can retreat if it gets too hot or too cold. Leopard Tortoises do not do well in cold damp conditions, so prepare an inside enclosure for winter, or for really cold and rainy days. This enclosure can be set up as for hatchling and juvenile Leopard Tortoises, but obviously bigger. If you keep your Leopard Tortoise outside in cold and damp conditions it will get a respiratory infection. Feed a variety of green leafy vegetables dusted with calcium powder. Please note that in South Africa you need a permit to keep any species of tortoise including Leopard Tortoises.