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Long Lasting Reptile Basking Lamp

My Boa Basking Lamp Story

I installed a 50 watt Exo-Terra Night Time Heat Lamp in my Boa Constrictor’s cage in the middle of April. The Exo-Terra Night Time Heat Lamp has not been turned off since then and is still producing the same light and head today as it did when I first installed it.

Number of Hours The Basking Lamp Has Been Working

The bulb has been kept on 24 hours a day for 3 months. That means that my Exo-Terra Night Time Basking Lamp has been emitting light and heat for 2160 hours and counting. The Exo-Terra Night Time Basking Lamp has survived several power surges strong enough to trip the switchboard.

Buying Quality Saves Money

By using a good quality basking lamp the cost of my heating lamp for a single Boa Constrictor has been a grand total of R80 for the entire winter so far. I know reptile keepers who have spent 100s of Rands on cheap basking lamps which blow one after the other and need to be replaced on a continuous basis.