Types of Food Your Lizard Will Eat

The majority of lizards which are available are insect eaters. These include all your gecko species, lacertids, skinks, chameleons, small iguanids such as emerald swifts, plated lizards and agamas. Some of the larger species such as Water Dragons, Basilisks and larger gecko species, for example Tokay Geckos will eat small lizards and rodents as well as insects. Larger skink species such as Blue Tongued Skinks will eat a combination of insects, rodents and fruit. Blue Tongued Skinks can be fed dog food in captivity. Large monitor lizards for example Savanna Monitors will eat rodents, you can feed the hatchlings on insects but you will soon have to move them onto mice. Tegus will also feed on rodents. Gila Monsters will feed off rodents as well. The above three species of lizard will also eat eggs and tinned dog food. Other lizards eat vegetables. These include Green Iguanas and Uromastyx which should be given a diet of green leafy vegetables. Other species are omnivores such as Bearded Dragons and will eat insects and green leafy vegetables.