Set Up Your Reptiles Cage in 5 Easy Step

The list below is a step to step guide on setting up your reptile enclosure.

Research the enclosure requirements for you reptile

Find out what size cage your reptile needs. Its humidity, lighting and heating  requirements. If you are going to keep a breeding pair or trio the size of the cage must increase.

Purchase the cage

Purchase the correct size cage. Decide whether to purchase a second hand cage or new cage. Decide on the type of cage such as glass or wooden display cage. Shop around for good prices but do not skimp on quality.

Purchase the supplies

Purchase the heating, lighting, substrate and heating accessories.

Install your heaters and lights

Fix a porcelain lamp socket to one side of the cage for your infrared light bulb, daylight basking lamp or ceramic heat emitter. Fix a porcelain lamp socket to the cage for the UVB bulb. Place heat pad on one side of the cage. Do all the electric wiring for the lights and heaters. Get someone who is good with DIY to do this for you, unless you are good at DIY yourself.

Add substrate and decorations

Add the correct type and amount of substrate. Add cage decorations such as rocks and pieces of wood. Make sure any logs ect are sterile and free of parasites.

So there you have it follow the above steps correctly and your reptile should have a great place to stay.