Reasons Why You Should Buy A Snake At A Reptile Expo

Below are the reasons why you should purchase a snake at a reptile show.

Large Number of Different Species Available

A pet shop may only have a few different species of snake for sale. At a reptile expo there are dozens of different species available to choose from. So if you can’t make up your mind on the exact snake species you want, go to a reptile expo and you should be able to find a snake species you like.

Designer Morphs and Rare Species

High end snakes such as designer Ball Python morphs and rare species such as Rhino Rat Snakes are more readily available at reptile expos than at pet shops. So visit a reptile expo should you be looking for something rare or unique.

Snake Species Suitable for any Level of Experiance

At a reptile expo you will find snakes suitable for beginners and experts. If you are a beginner just make sure you don’t buy a rattlesnake as you first pet snake.

Multiple Sellers

At a reptile expo it is very likely that the species of snake you want to buy is being sold by more than one vendor. This gives you the opportunity to shop around for the vendor selling the healthiest snakes as well as the vendor offering snakes at the best price.

Reasonable Prices

Snakes are generally sold at cheaper prices at reptile expos than in your local pet shop.


Humanely killed frozen rats and mice of different sizes are sometimes available at reptile expos. This makes your life easier as you can purchase food for your snake at the expo.


At a reptile expo you will be able to get  advice from the vendor who sold you the snake as well as other vendors who sell snake keeping products. Fellow visitors are often not shy to share their snake keeping experience.


You will be able to purchase all the supplies for your new snake at a reptile expo at prices cheaper than your local pet shop.