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Best Age to Get Your First Reptile

I get asked a lot about this, and have my own views on this question. So to all you moms and dads out there being nagged by your kid to get his/her first reptile, here is my answer to the question: WHAT IS THE BEST AGE FOR YOUR CHILD TO GET THEIR FIRST REPTILE ?.  I recommend that your child should be at least 12 maybe older before they get their first reptile. A first reptile does not mean a Boa Constrictor or Bosc’s Monitor, it means a Corn Snake or Leopard Gecko.  Your child must understand that having a pet reptile is a long-term commitment, reptiles require more care and specialist equipment than most other pets, even though the more common pet reptiles are very hardy, they still need to be kept at the right temperature, correct lighting and given supplements. The child ( and parents) must be comfortable with the food your reptile will require e.g crickets, mice, rats ect.  I Believe that younger children do not understand the commitment required, and the task of caring for the animal gets passed to the parent. Make your child research the reptile he/she is looking to get and is prepared to make the sacrifice of time and money for their reptile. It is also a good idea to make your child pay for his/her reptile supplies, this will make your child realise that they may have to cut down on airtime or movie tickets if they want a pet reptile and possibly make them think twice before purchasing a hatchling Bearded Dragon or Corn snake. Reptiles. Once you purchase your childs first reptile, he/she will realise that it was well worth the wait.