Beginner Reptile Keeper Q&A

Question: What is easiest way to gain knowledge about reptiles?

Answer: There are lots of good books about reptile biology and care on the market. Read as many as you can.

Question: Should I join a herpetological Association?

Answer: Definitely

Question: Must I do research on the reptile I want before I buy it or can I just choose a reptile I like at a pet shop or show and bring it home?

Answer: Always research the reptile you want to keep so you know how to care for it. Never buy a reptile without researching it’s needs.

Question: I want to keep a hatchling snake and then sell it to a breeder when it has grown up is this OK?

Answer: NO!!! never get a reptile you do not intend to keep for its entire lifespan.

Question: I saw a very cheap leopard gecko in a pet shop. I have one already. Should I buy this one to add to my collection as it is a real bargain?

Answer: No never buy a reptile on impulse.

Question: A pet store owner offered me a free bearded dragon hatchling if I promise to purchase all my supplies from him. Is this a good deal?

Answer: No it is not a good deal. The only reason the pet store owner is doing this is because the dragon is sick and he cannot sell it.

Question: All the pet shops and breeders I have visited  have a policy that there is no guarantee on live reptiles. Is there any way around this?

Answer: The short answer is usually not. If you think that the reptile was sick before you purchased it, you can contact the seller and ask if you can get your money back if you can prove the reptile was indeed sick before purchase. This would entail an autopsy by a reptile vet to prove your case. You will have to pay the vet bill which could be quite high especially if samples have to be sent to a pathology lab.

Question: If I buy a snake and it will not eat should I take it back to the pet shop or breeder?

Answer: Yes, on condition that you have kept the snake under the correct conditions and have tried to feed the snake the right size and type of prey. The breeders and pet shops know which snakes they have are eating and  which are not. So do not take any nonsense from them.