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5 Best Reptiles for Beginners

These snakes are the perfect size. Are easy to feed on mice and rats. Do not require large cages or complicated cage setups. They are also easy to handle. My first snake was a yellow rat snake, and I highly recommend them as first snakes.


Great first lizard.  Easy to handle.  Small size, thus requiring a small cage. No UVB lighting is necessary. These geckos are really cute and easy to maintain. Highly recommended as a first lizard.


Great personalities. Very tame and easy to handle. Very easy to feed, they are greedy lizards and therefore are often overfed  and can become obese if you are not careful with the amount of food you give them. Otherwise provide a heat source, UVB lighting and calcium supplements, and you will have a happy healthy pet.


The same points regarding corn snakes and rat snakes apply to this species, with the exception that king snakes of any kind cannot be kept together as they are cannibalistic. Californian king snakes have a strong feeding response and will eat mice without a problem.


A small african python with an average length of 1.2m. Easy to handle. Does not require a large cage. If captive bred, feeding should not be a problem.

All the above reptiles can easily be found in a reptile pet shop. The supplies needed to keep these reptiles can be purchased from our online reptile store. Click on this link to purchase reptile products