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Availability of Reptiles in South Africa

In South Africa we have a lot of different reptiles available to keep. These range from Corn Snakes and Bearded Dragons to Diamond Back Rattlesnakes and Monocled Cobras. There are plenty of colour varieties available from the massive amount of Corn Snake colour and pattern mutations and Leopard Gecko colour varieties to albino Monocled Cobras and Albino Diamond Back Rattlesnakes. Go to a reptile show if you want to get too see a large number of different species or to find something unusual. If you want a venomous snake your best bet is a reptile show. Pet shops that do not specialise in reptiles will usually only have Bearded Dragons or Leopard Geckos for sale. These pet shops do not sell snakes to avoid having to sell food for them. In case they go against the un-iformed public’s sympathy for cute and cuddly mice who label snake keepers as animal abusers. This is completely unjustified as a most snake keepers treat their snakes food humanely. I encourage any one who is interested in reptiles to go to a reptile show and see what is available even if you don’t buy anything. Once you have purchased you reptile support pet shops that promote responsible reptile keeping practices. It is one of my missions as a business to not only educate people using my blog but to supply quality reptile products online.