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Burmese Python Care Sheet

Burmese Pythons are the most popular of the large constrictors. Burmese Pythons adapt well to captivity when taken care of properly. The only problem is their size, an adult female Burmese Python can grow up to 6 meters in length, males are slightly smaller at around four to five meters in length. Irresponsible snake owners have now introduced Burmese Pythons into the Florida Everglades. That said, an experienced snake keeper with the time, money, space, knowledge and commitment will get a lot of pleasure from keeping a Burmese Python. Burmese Pythons are one of the best snakes I have ever dealt with. I still have fond memories of the three meter Burmese Python that I used to look after when I volunteered at the Transvaal Snake Park when I was a kid. Handling a full-grown Burmese Python cannot be done by one person, so make some friends who like snakes before you get your Burmese Python. Burmese Pythons can reach adulthood in about four years. An adult Burmese Python will need a cage measuring  four meters long by three meters wide by three meters tall. Provide heating using heat pads and over head spot lamps.  Burmese Pythons require a temperature of between 30-35 degrees celsius. Provide a log for your Python to climb on. Place a large water container in the cage. Pythons will eat large mice when they are hatchlings,  provide larger food as the python grows. Adult Burmese Pythons will eat rabbits and chickens. All the food your python eats should be pre-killed. Albino Burmese Pythons are readily available.

Picture of a Burmese Python after it has just eaten two chickens.