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Red Blood Python High Red Morph

​Normal red Blood Pythons are red with yellow blotches and sometimes with a  stripe running down the back. The best quality red Blood Pythons are stunning snakes which are bright blood red with clear crisp yellow markings. Many of the red Blood Pythons in South Africa are actually crosses between Red Blood Pythons and Borneo Short Tailed Pythons. This results in a snake which has dull reddish brown and tan yellow coluration and which looks much less appealing than a pure Red Blood Python. Blood Pythons start out as chocolate or rust brown with dull yellow markings and only get the full red colouration at 2 years of age. Blood Pythons are like a fine wine they just get better with age. Pure high quality Red Blood Pythons are being imported into South Africa and babies from these imports should be available for sale in the near future. Expect to pay more for a pure bred Red Blood Python or their offspring than you would for a Blood Python that was bred from stock that has been in the country for a while as the pure Red Blood Pythons look so much better and therefore demand a higher price.

High Grade Red Blood Pythons  

Some breeders have been working on line breeding Red Blood Pythons for several generations to produce high red animals. One of these lines is the VPI line of Red Blood Pythons. This VPI line is a bright red colouration often with striping. With the VPI line this striping has proved to be genetic and stripe adults will produce striped babies. These high grade Blood Pythons are often refered to as ” trophy bloods” and are well worth the investment.