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Blood Python Morph List

Normal Red Blood Python
Blood Python

Normal red Blood Pythons are red with yellow blotches and sometimes with a  stripe running down the back. The best quality red Blood Pythons are stunning snakes which are bright blood red with clear crisp yellow markings. Many of the red Blood Pythons in South Africa are actually crosses between Red Blood Pythons and Borneo Short Tailed Pythons. This results in a snake which has dull reddish brown and tan yellow coluration and which looks much less appealing than a pure Red Blood Python. Blood Pythons start out as chocolate or rust brown with dull yellow markings and only get the full red colouration at 2 years of age. Blood Pythons are like a fine wine they just get better with age.



matrix blood python


Matrix Blood Pythons can be difficult to tell apart from normal Blood Pythons if you dont know what to look for so it is best to purchase them from a reliable breeder. Matrix Blood Pythons have what can be described as a pixilated pattern with the markings looking block like. Matrix Blood Pythons also have a more tan coluration and speckeled sides. Matrix Blood Pythons are a co dominant morph which means if you breed a Matrix Blood Python with a normal Blood Python half the babies will be Matrix and half the babies will be normal.



ivory blood python


Ivory Blood Pythons look nothing like a normal Blood Python. An Ivory Blood Python is 90% white with a few dark speckles on the body. Ivory Blood Pythons are the super form of the Matrix Blood Python and are the result of breeding two Matrix Blood Pythons together. Breeding two Matrix Blood Pythons together will result in  25 % of the babies being Ivory Blood Pythons.



albino blood python


Albino Blood Pythons are lacking the dark pigments and are orange, red and cream and have a caramel colour to them. Albinism is a recessive trait and to get an albino you can breed two albino Blood Pythons together to produce an entire clutch of albino Blood Pythons or breed an albino Blood Python to a normal Blood Python to produce hets and then breed the hets together. 

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