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Blood Python Care Sheet

Tim Rep Blood

Choosing your Blood Python

When it comes to choosing a pet Blood Python always choose a captive bred Blood Python. Captive bred Blood Pythons do not suffer from the problems that afflict wild caught Blood Pythons and captive bred specimens can be very tame, feed well and make healthy long lived pet pythons. 

Blood Pythons do not like cages that are too big and may refuse to eat if their cage is too large. Blood Pythons are ambush predators which spend days at a time in the same spot and therefore need much smaller cages than many other pythons of a similar size. 

Blood Pythons do well at a temperature of 28- 30 degrees Celsius. 


It was once thought that Blood Pythons required dripping wet cages in order to thrive. It is now known that this is not the case and Blood Pythons do well with moderate humidity of 60-70 percent humidity. 


Blood Pythons will feed on rats their whole lives with hatchlings feeding on fuzzy rats once every week and juveniles feeding on slightly bigger rats once every 7-10 days and adults will eat XL jumbo rats once every two weeks.


With regular handling your hatchling Blood Python will soon become a tame snake that is used to being handled. 

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