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Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball pythons are a small African python species, which grows to 1.2 meters. They require a secure glass aquarium, with a screen top, or a wooden cage with sliding glass doors. The cage should measure 90cm in length and 45cm in width. Use corn cob as bedding. Provide a hide box and a water bowl.  Feed mice and rats of the correct size. Babies will eat weaner mice or rat pups. Adults will eat larger mice and small rats. Feed babies and Adults once a week.  Keep the temperature in the cage at between 25-30 degrees centigrade. Use a heat pad or infrared light bulb to heat the cage. Place the heat source on one side of the cage to provide a temperature gradient.  Make sure you purchase captive bred pythons as wild caught pythons do not feed well. Many colour morphs are available, including: Pastel ball pythons, Spider Ball Pythons, Piebald Ball Pythons, Albino Ball Pythons and many more. Ball Pythons are a good first snake as long as they are captive bred.