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CalciFly Leopard Gecko Diet 40g

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Calcifly Gecko Lick
A unique blend of calcium, vitamins and Grubs that your gecko will relish
Highly palatable dietary supplement for all gecko species
Contains high quality calcium with vitamin D3
Contains magnesium for increased bone health and aids in vitamin D absorption
Contains vitamin: Magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc, Boron, B6, D6, D3, 7 Essential Tissue Salts
Contains natural tissue salts for better absorption of calcium
Contains Black Soldier Fly Larvae to increase protein content
Can be used as a partial replacement for live insects
Excellent for egg laying females
Great for geckos that are not eating as Calcifly provides them with protein and vitamins to get them back to health
Also brilliant for picky eaters
Place CalciFly gecko lick in a separate bowl for your gecko to eat
Always provide fresh water for your geckos to drink
Developed from my 20 years of reptile keeping experience
Used for all the geckos that I keep and breed