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Rock Monitor Care Sheet and Species Profile

Rock Monitors are large aggressive lizards which can reach two meters in length. Rock Monitors have sharp claws and have to be handled with leather gloves, to prevent being scratched. Rock Monitors use their long tails as a whip when they are threatened. Rock Monitors require large cages. Rock Monitors can be fed large insects and pinkie mice when young. Adult Rock Monitors will eat adult mice and rats. Since Rock Monitors scavenge for food in the wild, they can be trained to eat tinned dog  food and mince. Rock Monitors will eat eggs as well. Provide a basking spot using a daylight basking lamp during the day and an infrared basking lamp at night. alternatively a ceramic heat emitter can be used as a heat source.  Provide a UVB bulb with a 10.0 rating. Rock Monitors need a temperature of 30-35 degrees celsius.  A Rock Monitor or any other Large Monitor Lizard should only be kept by an experienced reptile keeper

Captive Rock Monitor this Monitor Lizard is kept in an outdoor Enclosure

This Rock Monitor has been trained to eat prepared food from a bowl.