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Proper Care of Hatchling Iguanas

Choosing a Hatchling Iguana

Hatchling Green Iguanas are small emerald green lizards that appeal to many reptile enthusiasts as they are attractive, cute, have  interesting personalities and are relatively cheap to buy.  Green Iguanas are not bred in captivity very often and most if not all hatchling Green Iguanas available in pet shops are ranched in South American countries. Thousands of ranched baby Iguanas are exported from farms in El Salvador and sold to pet stores around the globe. Some of these Iguanas are healthy when they arrive an some are not.  The first thing to look for is an alert iguana that attempts to flee when approached. Baby Iguanas are naturally scared of people and the ” tame” hatchling green Iguana that doesn’t move around the cage and sits calmly on your hand is likely to be ill. Avoid Iguanas with open sores, discharge from the vent or Iguanas that look thin. If a pet store has a small glass aquarium or screen cage with a large amount of baby Iguanas crammed into it find another pet store as overcrowding results in fights and disease. Once you have chosen a healthy baby Iguana you will need proper caging, heating, lighting and supplements.


Exo-Terra Glass Terrariums make the best housing for baby Iguanas as they provide vertical climbing space ( Iguanas love climbing on the rock background) are secure, hold high humidity level and have a screen lid for mounting basking lights and UVB lamps. Buy the biggest cage you can afford and remember your baby Iguana will grow into a big Iguana fairly quickly.


Baby Iguanas can be heated using an Exo Terra Daylight Basking Lamp to create a basking spot of 30-35 degrees. Use a Reptile Thermostat to accurately control the temperature. Use a reptile thermometer to check that the temperatures are correct.


Baby Iguanas need a humidity level of 60-70% this can be achieved by providing a shallow water bowl and by spraying the cage with water once or twice a day. Use a reptile hygrometer to monitor humidity levels. Spraying the cage more to increase cage humidity and less often if your humidity is to high.

UVB Lamps

You will need a UVB Lamp for your Iguana. The UVB Lamp will enable your baby Iguana to metabolize the calcium in it’s diet and promotes bone growth. A UVB lamp will result in a healthy long lived pet Iguana.

Calcium and Vitamins

Growing baby Iguanas require a diet high in calcium and vitamins. This can be provided by dusting your baby Iguanas food with a calcium supplement and a vitamin supplement. Use the calcium supplement daily and the vitamin supplement twice per week.