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Green Iguana Care Sheet

The Green Iguana had the status as the most popular reptile pet. Bearded Dragons have now taken the title. Green Iguanas grow to a large size. Males can reach nearly 2m in length, females are slightly shorter. Green Iguanas are often purchased as babies. These babies are wild farmed which is just another way of saying wild caught. If you want a Green Iguana you will have to purchase one of these babies as Green Iguanas rarely breed in captivity. Do not choose the baby that calmly sits in the corner, baby iguanas are extremely skittish and will run away from the glass when you approach. The ” tame ” iguana is probably sick. Green Iguanas need a lot of work to become a tame pet. Green Iguanas  are not naturally tame like Bearded Dragons and if they are not tamed as babies you will have an aggressive 2m long lizard to look after. Buy the biggest cage you can for your baby Iguana as they grow very fast. Adults will require a custom-made cage as cage manufactures do not build cages big enough. If possible have an outdoor enclosure so your Iguana can spend some time in natural sunlight. Iguanas have very high UVB requirements as well as high calcium requirements. Most people make mistakes when it comes to their Iguanas diet. A Green Iguanas diet should be as follows:

Approximately 40 percent of a green iguana’s diet should consist of dark, leafy green vegetables. Other vegetables should make up another 40 percent, with juicy, fresh fruit making up the last 20 percent of its diet. Remember to supplement your Iguanas diet with a good quality calcium and vitamin powder.

A high temperature is important for an Iguanas digestion. A daylight basking lamp is the most natural way for Iguanas to receive heat. The cage’s temperature should range from 25 degrees celsius at the cool end and between 35 and 38 degrees celsius at the warm end. At night, the temperature can drop to about 23 degrees celcius.

Indoor green iguanas should have a UVB  bulb of the correct strength; the ideal being a 10.0 UVB bulb. Provide branches in your Green Iguanas cage as they live in trees in the wild. Provide a large water bowl. Do not put live plants in your Iguanas cage even if it is an outdoor cage. The plants may be toxic and even if the plants are non toxic your Iguana will eat them.