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Leopard Gecko Species Profile

Leopard geckos are increasing in popularity and are second only to bearded dragons in this country. Leopard geckos originate from Pakistan and India. I can say without a doubt that all leopard geckos available in South Africa are captive bred, a number of colour forms have been developed by breeders such as striped, high yellow, blizzard and many more. Leopard geckos grow to 20cm in length. They can be kept in a cage measuring 50-60cm in length for an adult, height is not important as they cannot climb. Use sand, bark chunks or newspaper as a bedding. Provide a water bowl and a hide box. Keep the cage heated to 25-30 degrees C. by using a heat pad designed for reptiles or an infrared heat bulb. Place the heat source under one side of the cage.  Feed on a diet of crickets, mealworms and roaches. Provide calcium powder in a small bowl.