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Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

Basic setup using newspaper or paper towel as a bedding


Sand will cause a gut impaction which is when your gecko eats the sand and cannot pass it out and it will kill your gecko

Provide a hide box with moist moss inside, you will buy the moss dry and will have to spray it to get it moist

Heat using a heat pad

UVB lights are not needed

Place hide box over heat pad

Place heat pad under bedding, do not allow gecko direct access to the heat pad to avoid burns

Provide a bowl with water

Provide a bowl of calcium for your gecko to lick

Provide a bowl of mealworms put 3 in every day, if your gecko doesn’t eat all the worms or doesn’t eat every day do not worry

Handle baby gecko while sitting on the floor for 10 minutes at a time once a day. You can increase the time you handle your gecko as it gets older. Do not handle the gecko for the first week to allow it to get used to its new home.