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Keeping Leopard Geckos in South Africa

Leopard Geckos for Sale in South Africa

Leopard Geckos are available for sale in South African pet shops, reptile expos and from professional breeders.Leopard gecko babies are available for sale from November to March in South Africa. If you buy a leopard gecko later on in the year you will have to buy an older gecko. Leopard Geckos can live for more than 20 years so buying a Leopard Gecko that is a few months or a few years old is not a problem.

Housing Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos can be housed in glass terrariums, wooden display cages or old aquariums. I prefer to keep Leopard Geckos in Exo-Terra Plastic Terrariums as they are sturdy, easy to clean and look great. A Single large adult Leopard Gecko can live in a 45cm x 20cm x 15cm plastic terrarium. I house hatchlings in small Exo-Terra breeding boxes and small adults in medium Exo-Terra Breeding Boxes. In my opinion Exo-Terra plastic terrariumsand breeder boxes are the perfect cage for Leopard Geckos. You can house several female Leopard Gecko in the same cage. A few female Leopard Geckos and a single male Leopard Gecko can be kept in the same cage. Never keep multiple male Leopard Geckos together as they will fight to the death.

Heating Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos are not fussy when it comes to heat and do not require heaters during summer in South Africa. In a winter a heat pad can be placed underneath the plastic terrarium to provide your Leopard Gecko with extra heat during winter. I place a heat padunder half the cage this provides a basking spot for the gecko. I always put the geckos hide box on the warm side of the cage.

Food and Supplements

Leopard Geckos can be fed on a diet of crickets and mealworms. I prefer mealworms as a food source. I have a male Leopard Gecko that is 10 years old and has been fed on a diet of 100% mealworms his whole life. Calcium supplements are very important and  calcium powder can be dusted onto insects. I leave a small bowl of calcium powder in my Leopard Geckos which they lick. I have found that if Leopard Geckos have access to a bowl ofcalcium supplement they will control their own calcium requirements. A vitamin supplement can be dusted onto insects or added to the bowl of calcium


Leopard Geckos are easy to handle and I have never been bitten by an adult. Babies will hiss at you and sometimes bite your finger tips ( just a tickle) when first handled. Babies soon calm down and become a pleasure to handle