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Why You Need An Expensive UVB Bulb

You may wonder why you need to buy an expensive UVB bulb for your lizard?

Below are two pictures of two different hatchling Bearded Dragons. One  had no exposure to UVB lighting and one  had a compact 10.0 UVB light installed in its cage. I have notes at the bottom of the pictures.

Judging by the size of the coin this Bearded Dragon is no more than 6-7 weeks old and has developed MBD a calcium deficiency caused by the lack of UVB light.

The skew tail and bend legs are caused by the bones not receiving enough calcium

The Bearded Dragon cannot hold itself up as it lacks the strength due to weak bone structure.

This Bearded Dragon is not eating and is underweight a symptom of calcium deficiencies.

Providing calcium supplements will not help as no UVB lighting as provided.

This Bearded Dragon is unlikely to survive, providing a UVB light would have prevented this.

Vets bill for this condition can be a over R1000  a compact 10.0  UVB bulb costs R210.

This Hatchling Bearded Dragon is 7 weeks old and has had a 10.0 compact UVB light installed in its cage.

This Bearded Dragon has a straight tail, legs and spine a sign that the the correct amount of calcium is being absorbed.

This Bearded Dragon is holding its self upright and has no problems lifting its head showing that it has a strong skeletal structure.

This Bearded Dragon is the perfect weight and is feeding on several small crickets daily.

As  a UVB light is used calcium can be metabolized by this Bearded Dragon and a calcium supplement is added to its food on a daily basis.

If given UVB lighting, calcium supplements and the correct diet this hatchling Bearded Dragon can life for at least 6-7 years.

The owner saved a thousand rand by purchasing a 10.0 compact UVB Bulb for R210

10.0 Compact UVB Bulbs are available on this site at a cost of R210

Note: The above applies to Iguanas, Monitors, Chameleons, Tegus, Frilled Lizards, Water Dragons and all other day active lizards.