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No UVB Lamp Equals a Dead Bearded Dragon

If You Want a Pet Bearded Dragon You Need a UVB Lamp

If you want a pet Bearded Dragon for yourself or your child please remember Bearded Dragons MUST HAVE A UVB LAMP. These lamps are expensive because they are not ordinary lamps. UVB lamps give of UVB light and are more expensive to make and design than your desk lamp.  Your pet Bearded Dragon will develop calcium deficiencies and die without a UVB Lamp.  15 minutes in the sun does not solve this problem, at least 2 hours of sunlight is needed for sufficient UVB exposure. Giving your Bearded Dragon access to natural sunlight requires a separate cage outside with its own water bowl, food bowl  and access to shade. I have kept Bearded Dragons outside they love it ,but its easier and cheaper to buy the R220 UVB Lamp on this site and provide your dragon with 14 hours of UVB light with the flick of a switch.

The UVB Lamp Costs More Than The Bearded Dragon

A Baby Bearded Dragon may cost less to buy than a UVB Lamp. Your goldfishe’s aquarium pump costs more than the goldfish. A puppie’s vaccinations cost more than the puppy. All of these costs are necessary for your pets health.  When you buy any pet you are not making a financial investment you are buying a living animal that has to be looked after which costs money. If you cannot afford a UVB lamp get a pet Leopard Gecko that doesn’t need a UVB lamp.

Health Consequenses of Not Having  a UVB Lamp

Without a UVB Lamp a Bearded Dragon cannot metabolism the calcium in it’s diet. You can give your dragon a high calcium diet, give it calcium supplements and not a gram of calcium will be obtained from the dragons diet without a UVB Lamp. No calcium means bones cannot grow, nerves don’t work, bones become fragile and break and eventually death follows.