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Important Info For New Bearded Dragon Owners

Bearded Dragons may be the best pet reptiles around but they still require more care than a budgie or hamster . Read the following before you buy your Bearded Dragon.

Your Cage Setup Will Cost More Than Your Bearded Dragon

At present a baby Bearded Dragon costs around R100-R200 depending on where you buy it from.  A good starter cage with basking lamps, UVB lighting, substrates, calcium powder,thermometers can cost around R1000.

Second Hand Fish Tank Syndrome

Do not go home after buying a Bearded Dragon and dump it into a second hand glass aquarium without basking lamps or UVB lights.

Cant Afford A UVB  Lamp Don’t Buy A Dragon

Bearded Dragons need access to a UVB light without one they will get sick and die. If you cannot afford UVB lights don’t buy that R100 Bearded Dragon.

Buying More Than One Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons do not need friends . If you have never kept a Bearded Dragon Before always start with a single animal.

Bearded Dragons are Easy to keep If you Buy the Right Products

If you buy the correct cage, basking lights, UVB lights, substrate, calcium andthermometers your Bearded Dragon will be a happy healthy pet for the next 8-10 years. If you do not provide the correct conditions your Bearded Dragon will not be a happy healthy pet and it life span will be much shorter.