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Bearded Dragon food mixture

My Dragon only wanted to eat insects since I got him.  I think that this behaviour is due to the fact that the guy I purchased him from fed him 20 crickets a day. My Dragon is now an ” old man ” and doesn’t do much exercise. Due to this he has become obese and has developed fatty liver disease.  To make him lose weight I have developed a method to get him to eat greens.

The method is as follows:

  • Put mealworms into a small bowl.
  • Put some mealworm pupas in the bowl.
  • Add finely shredded greens.
  • Dust the mixture with a calcium supplement.
  • Place the bowl in front of your Bearded Dragon.

The movement of the mealworms will attract the dragons attention. As your Dragon tries to eat the mealworms he/she will  pick up some of the greens and will swallow them with the mealworms. I added the pupas as they are less fattening than the mealworm larvae. I am still working on this idea and may add some Bearded Dragon pellets, tinned insects or freeze-dried insects to the mix. Note this will not work with live crickets as they will simply jump out of the bowl.