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Bearded Dragon Diet

A  Pet Bearded Dragons Diet can be broken down into the following:


Bearded Dragons come from the desert or semi arid regions of Australia. Australia is known as the desert continent and the areas where Bearded Dragons are found have very low rainfall.  The most abundant source of food in a desert are insects. In the wild a Bearded Dragon’s diet would consist mainly of insects. A variety of insects in the right quantity make a good diet for your pet Bearded Dragon. Feeder insects available in pet shops include: Crickets, mealworms, superworms, cockroaches and silkworms. Try not to rely on one type of insect but rather provide a choice of at least two or three different feeder insects.


Greens contain less nutrients per gram than insects. It is said Bearded Dragons are omnivorous and feed on large quantities of vegetation. As mentioned above this is probably not the case. That said feeding your pet Bearded Dragon some greens will not harm him/her. Greens can include dark leafed lettuce, herbs, dandelion leaves, grated carrot and alfalfa. If your Bearded Dragon does not want to eat greens do not worry they will do fine on a diet of insects alone. My Bearded Dragon was never keen on eating greens and I have not offered him greens of any kind for a couple of years, he is perfectly healthy.

Tinned Insects

Tinned insects have changed the way I feed my Bearded Dragon. These insects are dead and come in a tin. These insects  have a very soft exo-skeleton and my Bearded Dragon loves them. Multiple types of tinned insects are available. Tinned Insects are as nutritious as live insects and far more convenient. A single tin lasts me for two weeks.