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Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded Dragons inhabit the dry area’s of Central Australia. They have been captive bred for many generations and are now the most popular pet reptile in the world. They require a cage measuring 90cm-1m in length and 60cm in width and 60 cm in height for adults. Juveniles and babies can obviously be kept in smaller cages, do not over crowd your dragons as their babies will fight over food. Adult males will fight if kept together. I would recommend that one male and two females be the maximum amount of bearded dragons kept together. Bearded Dragons require a dry environment, use a substrate of corn cob or fine sand. Provide a basking log above which a daylight incandescent light bulb is placed, the temperature under the basking lamp should reach 40 c alternatively an infrared basking lamp can be used or a ceramic heat emitter, these will not disturb the dragon at night while it sleeps. A very important aspect is to provide UVB lighting,  a UVB bulb with a 10.0 rating should be used for 12-14 hours a day,  turn all UVB lamps and daylight bulbs off at night to give your dragon a chance to sleep. Infrared lamps can be kept on at night as reptiles cannot see that spectrum of light and thus will not disturb your dragon.  Supply appropriate size insects for your dragon to eat. Babies will eat small crickets and small cockroaches, the size of the food will increase as your dragon grows. Adult bearded dragons will eat crickets, superworms and larger cockroaches.  Bearded Dragons will also eat green leafy vegetables . Feed babies every day , juveniles should be fed every 3-4 days and adults twice a week, dust insects with a calcium and vitamin supplement, this applies to dragons of all ages. I sell daylight basking lamps and infrared basking lamps in different wattages and ceramic heat emitters. I sell different coloured sand and corn cob bedding. I  also provide calcium and vitamin supplements.