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Yellow Rat Snake Care Sheet

The yellow rat snake originates from the US.  This snake has been commonly available in the pet trade for decades . Yellow rat snakes breed readily in captivity, so finding a hatchling is not difficult. These snakes grow larger than corn snakes and king snakes. Reaching an average length of 1.5m to 1.8m my yellow rat snake is pushing two meters in length. Yellow rat snakes have a medium size girth. You should get a decent size cage of about 1.2m in length and 45cm in width and 45 cm in height. Note that yellow rat snakes like to climb so you could increase the height of the cage. keep hatchling in small plastic terrarium. These are sold by many reptile companies. Corn cob bedding makes a good substrate, I have settled on this after many years of experimentation with different substrates. Provide a hide box, a water bowl and branches for the snake to climb. Add drift wood, rocks and artificial plants to make the tank look good. Feed mice and rats your snakes its entire life. Hatchling will eat pinky mice increase the size of the food as the snake grows. Adult yellow rat snakes can eat four to six mice or a medium rat. Feed your snakes once a week. Heat the cage by placing a heat pad under half of the cage. The temperature should be kept at 25-30 degrees celsius. As I am writing this article my yellow rat snake who I bought as a hatchling 12 years ago is watching me type, through the glass of his cage.