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Feeding Western Hognose Snakes

Western Hognose Snakes are small docile snakes which need only a basic cage setup. Western Hognose Snakes come in several colour and pattern morphs. Below is how to feed them correctly

Type of Prey

Western Hognose Snakes feed mainly on toads in the wild and may require some coaxing to get the hatchlings to eat newborn mice. Western Hognose Snake hatchlings are tiny and will require day old mice known as pinkies. Feed your hatchling Western Hognose Snake a single newborn pinkie once per week. If your baby Hognose Snake refuses to eat rub the pinkie on the skin of a frog or toad this will fool the snake into thinking it is eating its natural prey. Adult Western Hognose Snakes will eat a single small adult mouse once per week.

Live or Dead Mice

Western Hognose Snakes should be fed pre-killed food from the time they are hatchlings. Frozen pre-killed mice of the right size can be bought and kept in the freezer and defrosted as needed.Some Western Hognose Snakes actually prefer mice which are slightly rotten.

Be Careful When Feeding

Western Hognose Snakes have a mildly toxic saliva and enlarged rear fangs. They use this to subdue prey.A Western Hognose Snakes toxic saliva is not dangerous to humans and causes only a mild allergic reaction. Offer food on long forceps or place food in the hiding box overnight to avoid being bitten.