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Basic Garter Snake Care Sheet

Basic Garter Snake Care Sheet

Keep in basic setup with paper towel, newspaper or Astroturf as a bedding as babies

Once a few months old you can use bark chips or coconut husk as a bedding.

Make sure cage is very secure

Provide a hide and a water bowl

Feed earthworms three times a week to your new Garter Snake

Use earthworms from a poison free garden

Do not use red wriggler earthworms as these are toxic

Garter Snakes do not eat crickets or mealworms

In a few months you can start giving the snake small pieces of fish, you can use Tilapia, Hake or frozen Lance Fish which can be found in the aquarium section of a pet shop. Feed fish two to three times a week.

Once your Garter Snake is a few months old you can start feeding it a fish based tinned cat food. Feed them this twice a week. You can still give them pieces of fish or earthworms to add variety to their diet.

Provide a heat pad under half the cage in winter. You do not need to put your heat pad on in summer.

Garter Snakes are very cold tolerant so don’t worry if your power is out.

UVB lamps are not needed for Garter Snakes

Baby Garter Snakes can be very fast moving. They will become calmer if you handle them regularly.

Baby Garter Snakes Coming Soon!!