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How To Care For A Baby Corn Snake

How To Care For Corn Snakes


Your baby Corn Snake will need to get used to it’s new home. Leave it alone for the first week so it can get used to it’s new home. Do not feed it or play with it during the first week.


At first play with your new Corn Snake twice a week for 15-20 minutes, you can play with it much more when it is a bit bigger. Your baby Corn Snake might be frightened at first and can be a bit wriggly don’t worry it will become very tame the more you handle it. Do not handle your corn snake after it has eaten, wait 3 days after it eats before you start handling it, otherwise your snake will vomit it’s food up.


Heat your hatchling Corn Snake using a heat pad. The heat pad should cover no more than half the cage. Make sure the snake cannot get in direct contact with the heat pad in case it gets burnt. You will only need this in winter. If you have load shedding or power cuts your pet will be fine without heat, they come from cold climates and will be ok if they get cold even if the power is out for a long time.

Hide Box

Put something in the cage for your snake to hide under. This will make your tiny baby Corn Snake feel safe. Your pet snake will spend a lot of time hiding, don’t worry this is normal behavior.


Provide fresh water in a small water bowl. Do not allow the substrate to get wet, as this can cause scale rot. Lightly mist the cage with water just before your snake sheds.


Your baby Corn Snake is eating dead baby mice called pinkies. You buy these frozen and defrost them. Feed your snake one pinky a week. If your snake does not eat every week do not worry your snake does not need as much food as you would give a puppy or kitten.