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Corn Snake Care Sheet

Corn Snakes are without a doubt the most popular pet snake. Corn Snakes are the ideal first snake, they do not grow too big, they do not require large cages and their placid nature makes them easy to handle. Corn Snakes are related to Rat Snakes and are sometimes refered to as Red Rat Snakes.  Corn Snakes are smaller than other American Rat Snakes e.g  Black Rat Snake, Yellow Rat Snake, Grey Rat Snake, Texas Rat Snake and the Everglades Rat Snake which can all grow to 2m, while Corn Snakes grown to 1.5m but are often slightly smaller. Corn Snakes can be kept the same way as the Rat Snakes mentioned above but due to their smaller size they can be kept in smaller cages. Cages should measure between 75cm to 90cm in length and between 30cm-45cm in width and 30cm-45cm in height. Provide a bedding of corn cob. Use a heat pad to maintain a temperature of  between 25-30 degrees celsius. I personally like custom snake tanks, which allow me to create display cages. Feed babies a pinkie mouse once every four to five days. Increase the size of the food as the snake grows. Adults  will eat large mice and rat pups. Breeders have produced many colours and patterns that do not occur in the wild. There are many Corn Snake morphs  and new ones are being bred all the time, so you will have a huge selection of different Corn Snake varieties to choose from.