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Veiled Chameleon Care

Veiled Chameleons are the most common chameleons available to the reptile keeper.  I would say that all the veiled chameleons available are captive bred. Veiled chameleons are usually sold as babies, they are very small and delicate as this stage. I would recommend purchasing an older animal. It will cost you more, but will be much less delicate than the babies. Veiled Chameleons originate from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, where they live in mountainous desert areas. Provide a wooden and wire cage that is 120cm long by 76cm wide by 180cm tall. It is advisable to keep chameleons separately. Provide branches and vines and if possible live plants. Spray the cage two or three times daily as chameleons will not drink water from a bowl. alternatively use a drip system. Feed on a diet of crickets, roaches and superworms. Provide UVB lighting with a 5.0 rating. Maintain a background temperature of 25 degrees celsius. Provide a basking spot of 32 degrees celsius by using a daylight basking lamp, for a cage the above mentioned size a high wattage bulb should be used i.e 100 watt – 150 watt. Neodymium spot bulbs work well as they are not only beneficial to your chameleon but also to plants should your cage have them.