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Kenyan Sand Boa Care


Kenyan Sand Boas are small burrowing snakes that makes a good pets. Adult female Kenyan Sand Boas reach a maximum adult size of 60cm in length. Adult males are considerably shorter and more slightly built than females. Kenyan Sand Boas are bulky snakes with flattened heads designed for burrowing. Kenyan Sand Boas are attractive snakes with orange patches on a brown background. Albino and anerythristic Kenyan Sand Boas are available for sale.


Kenyan Sand Boas are ambush predators and will burrow under the sand in wait for a tasty rodent to pass by. Your Kenyan Sand Boa will spend most of its time in the same spot for days on end and therefore will require a small cage. A plastic terrarium or an aquarium with a screen top measuring 60cm long by 30cm wide is perfect for a single adult Kenyan Sand Boa. Wooden cages with sliding glass doors can be used if a deep enough layer of sand will fit in the cage. Kenyan Sand Boas are solitary animals and should be kept separately except for breeding.


A substrate of fine grained sand or corn cob bedding can be used. Place a layer of sand or corn cob deep enough for your Kenyan Sand boa to completely submerge itself. Make sure that  the substrate remains clean and dry.

Cage Decorations

Cage decorations can include plastic plants, secure logs and a shallow water bowl.

Heating and Lighting

A heat pad is the best way to provide heat for your Kenyan Sand Boa. Place the heat pad under the cage to create a hot spot. The heat pad should cover no more than half the cage to allow your Kenyan Sand Boa to regulate its body temperature.  The temperature at the hot spot should be 30 degrees Celsius. Kenyan Sand Boas do not need exposure to UVB lighting.


Kenyan Sand Boas eat mice and rats. Neonates can be fed large pinkies or fuzzies as their first meal. Adult Kenyan Sand Boas can be fed on adult mice or rat pups, females can eat larger prey than males. Feed neonates a pinkie or fuzzy once a week. Adults can be fed a single adult mouse or rat pup once every ten days. Females will sometimes eat more often than males.


Most Kenyan Sand Boas have laid back personalities, however they do not tolerate frequent handling to the same degree as a Corn Snake or Rat Snake.


Captive bred Kenyan Sand Boas can be purchased in pet shops, at reptile expos and from breeders. Wild phase and fancy colour morphs are offered for sale.