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List of Boa Constrictor Subspecies

There are several subspecies of Boa Constrictor differentiated on markings and geographical location .Some Boa Constrictors on the market may be hybrids between two different subspecies.

List of Commonly Available Boa Constrictor Subspecies

Red Tailed Boas ( Boa constrictor constrictor)

This is a large snake that is found in the Amazon Basin. They have clear markings on a silvery background. The tails are reddish in colour hence the name. This is the most commonly available subspecies.

Mexican Boa ( Boa constrictor imperator)

This boa is one of the smaller subspecies that can be found in Central America and north into Mexico, where it lives in semi arid habitats. This snake is dark in colouration when compared with Red Tailed Boas.

Argentine Boa ( Boa constrictor occidentalis)

This boa is very dark as an adult with obscured markings. As juveniles they have light markings on a pink background however they soon take on the dark appearance of the adults. This boa is know to be  more aggressive than other boa constrictor subspecies.

Hog Island Boa ( Boa Constrictor ssp )

This boa is considered a dwarf form of the Mexican Boa. It is found off the coast of Northern  Honduras on a chain of islands know as the Hog Islands. It is a small, docile boa which grows to to around 1.2-1.5m in length. This snake is a very light coloured boa. This is the perfect boa for those who have limited space.