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How to Recognise Mites in Boa Constrictors

Below is how to recognise mites in Boa Constrictors

Exessive Soaking

If your Boa Constrictor spends a lot of time in its water bowl it may have mites. If you see small black flecks in the water bowl, these are dead mites that have fallen off the Boa Constrictor while it was soaking in its water bowl.


Boa Constrictors with mites often rub themselves on cage decorations

Bugs in the Substrate

If you see small insects in the substrate they could be mites. Most substrates sold are sterile and do not have insects in them.

Sliver Dust

Boa Constrictors with severe mite infections will have silver dust on them. This silver dust is mite droppings and is an indication that a large numbers of mites living in your Boa Constrictors cage.

Mites on the Boa Constrictor

The easiest place to find mites is on your Boa Constrictors head. Mites often bunch up around a Boa Constrictors eyes and are easy too see on the lighter skin on the bottom jaw. Mites can be found on your Boa Constrictors back, sides, belly and around the vent.

Shedding Problems

Boa constrictors with mites can have shedding problems. Mites can be found on shed skin that is left in the cage.