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Boa Constrictor Basic Info

Below is a basic list of Boa Constrictor info.


Adult Boa Constrictors can reach 2.5m-3m in length and are very bulky


Boa Constrictors can live up to 25 -30 years in captivity

Growth Rate

Boa Constrictors grow very fast and can reach adulthood within 3 years if fed well


Some Boa constrictors are very tame while others are very aggresive


Boa Constrictors will feed on rodents ranging in size from mice to small rabbits depending on the size and age of the snake.

Cage Size

The minimum cage size for an adult Boa Constrictor is: 1.8m x 1m x 1m.


Boa Constrictors require a cage temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. This can be provided by a heat pad or basking lamp


Boa Constrictors require an ambient humidity of 60-70%. This can be achieved by providing a shallow water bowl for your snake to soak in or by weekly misting.


Use a substrate that is easy to clean and will remain dry such as corn cob or newspaper.


UVB lighting is not required however a 2.0 compact UVB  light can be used for display purposes


Boa Constrictors are easy to acquire and can be purchased from pet shops specialising in exotic reptiles, reptile expos and private breeders.

Is it a Red Tailed Boa?

The Red Tailed Boa ( Boa constrictor constrictor)  is just one of many subspecies of Boa Constrictor and can be distinguished by a red colouration on the tail. The Red Tailed Boa is the most common subspecies of Boa Constrictor available in the pet trade. If your boa is not a red tailed boa it is more than likely a Common Boa Constrictor ( Boa constrictor imperator)

Natural Range

The range of the Boa Constrictor is huge ranging from Mexico to Argentina. Subspecies status is often given according to geographical range.  Several subspecies of Boa Constrictors live on islands off the South American Coast example being the Hog Island Boa.

Natural Habitat

Ranges from semi tropical scrub land to tropical rain forest.

Potential Problems

Shedding problems can occur if humidity is too low. Make sure you have the space, money and handling skills for a 3m long snake before you purchase a baby Boa Constrictor.