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Axolotl Care Sheet

Axolotls are most probably the weirdest and most interesting amphibians you will ever see. Axolotls make very nice pets and are very easy to take care of. My first herp was an Axolotl. They can grow to 25cm in length. Axolotls are completely aquatic and must be kept in an aquarium measuring 60 cm in length by 30cm in width by 30cm in height. Axolotls are rare in the animal world as they do not go through metamorphosis.They breed when still in the larval stage. Axolotls have six feathery gills on their head, three on each side. Axolotls will also gulp air from the top of the cage. Axolotls come in different colour varieties. Most of the Axolotls I have seen were albinos. Provide a filter to clean the water. Use pea size gravel as a substrate. Add some aquatic plants. Feed your Axolotl on earthworms ( their favourite food) blood worms, mealworms, guppies, cubes of beef or chicken. I even  fed my axolotl a pre-killed pinkie once. Axolotls require a water tempreture of no more than 20 degrees Celsius. If you live in a warm country like I do and you have a really hot summers day, fill an empty cool drink bottle with water and freeze it. Float the bottle on top of the water. Other than that Axolotls make brilliant pets. Should your Axolotl loose a leg don’t worry they can grow a new one.