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African Giant Bullfrog Care Sheet

African giant bullfrogs come from Southern Africa. They are found in rain filled pools in grassland areas. These frogs spend most of their time  buried in a cocoon and are only seen during the wet season, which is when they breed. African giant bullfrogs live up to their name and can get up to 20cm in length. These frogs have two fang like projections on the lower jaw, so a bite would be painful. However, the bullfrogs I have handled were quite calm,  watch those fangs just in case. Due to their large size, the adults of this species eat vertebrate prey including: small birds, rodents, other frogs ( including each other), lizards and even snakes.  An African bullfrog that was dissected at the Transvaal museum in South Africa had seventeen baby rinkhals ( a species of African Spitting Cobra) in its stomach. These frogs are protected and keeping them requires a permit, at least this is the case in South Africa. These frogs would require a glass aquarium or terrarium with a moist substrate such as peat mulch. Keep the substrate moist by spraying it with water. Provide a shallow water bowl large enough for the frog to completely immerse itself.  Keep the temperature between 25-30c.  Feed juveniles large insects and pinkie mice a few times a week. Adults would require a large mouse once a week.  Handling is not recommended unless necessary. Permits are required to keep this species in captivity in South Africa contact your local nature conservation authority before attempting to keep this frog.