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African Clawed Frog Care Sheet

African Clawed Frogs are native to Southern Africa. African Clawed Frogs are the easiest frog you will ever keep. African Clawed Frogs are completely aquatic and can be kept in the same way as your common Gold Fish, with a few alterations. You can provide a heater  if you live in a very cold climate, but these frogs are very forgiving when it comes to temperature. African Clawed Frogs can be kept at room temperature. Provide a filter and some plants, use gravel as a substrate. Do not keep these frogs with fish as the frogs will eat them. It is a good idea to feed your frog a guppy or two occasionally. These frogs will shovel  food into their mouths using their front legs. You will notice that your frog has large muscles on its back which power its hind legs. The frogs back feet are webbed with three claws on each foot. These frogs can escape easily and are very slimy.Mine got out once while I was cleaning the tank. I was darting around the room like a mad man trying to catch the frog as every time I grabbed him he slid out of my hands. I got him back in his cage eventually with my hands covered in slime and the frog covered in fluff from the carpet. African Clawed Frogs shed their skin and eat it as they pull it off. African Clawed Frogs are pigs and will eat almost anything. Earthworms are their favourite food. Blood worms, mealworms, cubed chicken and beef and turtle pellets can be also be fed. African Clawed Frogs can easily live to be ten years old. You could keep them in a pond if you wanted to as long s you live in a relatively warm part of the world. Make sure the pond is covered with a net, as these frogs have the ability to make a journey overland to other ponds.